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Evanston, IL 60204

"The organization has developed an outstanding reputation particularly for its ability to help academically struggling students achieve to their fullest potential."
— Jan Schakowski, U.S. Representative (9-CD)

"As a former educator, I saw the value of demanding the discipline and attentiveness that molded those young students into a precision team of performers. Children need this type of discipline and standard."
— Lorraine H. Morton, Mayor, Evanston, Illinois

"The precision with the enthusiasm teaches youngsters a lot about the rewards of discipline, and combine that with the spirit of community, it prepares them for world citizenship and I think all of the things they learned will stand well in their academic pursuits."
— Dr. Hardy Murphy, Superintendent, Evanston School District 65

"They provided a soothing and structured learning environment for students of varying ability levels. This is very entertaining but far more educational! What we know about reading is, how well one reads is based on their past experience. Look at the experience. Listen to the vocabulary. This was just fantastic as an educational experience!"
— Charles Nelson, Principal, Chute Middle School, Evanston

"It has such value with life lessons!"
— Helen Fulce, Social Studies Teacher, Haven Middle School, Evanston

"Since my son has been a part of S.O.U.L. Creations, my family, friends, his teachers, and I have noticed such a change in Michael. His level of participation in different activities, his sense of responsibility, and commitment to whatever he becomes involved in has been wonderful. He has become more focused in general. Most of all, for Michael, his self-confidence has soared."
— Wanda Newman, Parent

"I feel more relaxed and energized."
— 8th grade participant

"I have come a long way from last year. Now I can communicate with other students that I don’t usually talk to. Also, I can work my problems out."
— Sharreese Hunt, 7th grade participant

"S.O.U.L. Creations is great. It helps bring one another together no matter what race we are."
— Trayhanda Starling, 6th grade participant

"It brought so much more out of us than what regular curriculum can do and if it became part of the curriculum it would help everybody."
— Claire Strunk, 5th grade participant

"Drumming and dancing make me feel happy and proud. When I play the drum, I feel something good inside me that wants to burst out. When I dance I feel challenged and excited. The program has taught me to be free."
— Lindsey Toland, 4th grade participant


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