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The Inward Journey
Life’s True Journey is the Journey Within
Thailand girls from
the Karen ethnic group.

The Inward Journey is an educational, motivational and interactive multi-media cultural exhibition. The exhibition is based on a combined nine year travel voyage that two men took across four continents and into more than 20 countries throughout North America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, India and West Africa. The purpose of this (inward) journey was for the men to explore themselves through exploring the world and its multitude of cultures, lifestyles and unique perspectives on life and the world in which we live.

The exhibition presents youth of all races and creeds with a unique opportunity to identify themselves and their own personal journey in a multi-cultural context. It exposes pre-adolescents and adolescents to a critical look and new perspective of the world, themselves, their values, their beliefs, and their own personal power. Included are a slide and video show, a power point presentation, personal testimonies, poetry, a musical performance, and storytelling. It is designed to be educational, interactive, entertaining, inspiring, and relevant to the developmental level of the students.

The exhibition reveals life dilemmas the men experienced. Inner fears were faced, prejudices were overcome, lessons were learned, and inner qualities were gained. Among others, the exhibition includes stories of:

Near death experiences:
–– Plane crash landing
–– Bouts with fatal illness: Malaria
Wild boar hunting
Lost in the bush overnight
The Maori of New Zealand
The untouchables of India
The wealth of Ghana
Papua New Guinea: From the stone age to technological age––in one generation
The importance of Sacrifice & Commitment
West African Slave Castles: Returning through the “Door Of No Return”
Off the beaten path: Indonesia
Australia: The Aboriginals; a kaleidoscope of culture
Fiji: a born again human being
The magic of Mali
From “junk food junkie” to being a vegan
Working our way around the world––odd jobs
Cross cultural stereotypes and the power they possess

The exhibition is interdisciplinary, covering topics in math, science, history, language arts, art, and music. The Inward Journey expounds upon these content areas as they pertain to the exhibition. In addition, topics in Critical Thinking, Character Education, and Interpersonal Communications are explored as well. The Inward Journey is designed to assist schools in meeting the K-12 Illinois Learning Standards. This is accomplished through the Inward Journey program that includes a teacher in-service, and activity-based workshops tailored to suit individual classroom settings and different grade levels.

Through experiencing the Inward Journey, students will:

1. Take a critical look at choices and decisions they make in their lives, as it relates to behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and values.
2. Understand basic responsibilities of being a global citizen.
3. Understand the importance of respect, responsibility, and regard for other people and their culture.
4. Learn U.S. and world geography and how people dapt to, and are shaped by their environment.
5. Appreciate the value of being an American citizen.
6. Identify and compare traditions and customs of various cultures.
7. Recognize the importance of sacrifice and commitment in being successful in life.
8. Respond to music, slides and video from different cultures.
9. Have fun!


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